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Founder of US Workstories, Michael Beck
Michael Beck, owner and founder

U.S. Workstories grew out of an admiration for the American work ethic — the efforts of average people who do their best to make a difference and help their companies and their communities.

The U.S. Workstories team

Mike Beck, founder and owner, is an award-winning newspaper publisher, editor and reporter who knows what it takes to tell stories that make a big impact. He and the teams that he’s overseen have won dozens of industry and community awards for excellence and service. In addition to publishing five daily newspapers, Mike has created highly successful audience-driven websites, magazines and content initiatives.

Mike is a journalist with an exceptional interviewing ability, who knows how to connect seamlessly and is able to craft meaningful stories.

Samuel Karow is a video artist based in Wisconsin. In 2011, he received his BFA from UW-Milwaukee’s Department of Film. Specializing in documentaries, Karow seeks to capture genuine moments of beauty, intimacy, and conflict. When given ample time for discovery, he finds that the ordinary becomes quite extraordinary. Karow’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. His award-winning short film, 3 Miles East, was included in the 64th Cannes Film Festival Court Metrage.

Jarrod Crooks is a Wausau, WI, director and actor who has been filming since the age of 12, recreating classic movies and developing his own film stories. In 2006, Crooks premiered the movie, Deal With It, to a sold-out theater audience. Crooks has a wide range of films to his credit, including Thieves Like Us, Hostile Possession and Blunderlust, a romantic/comedy filmed in St. Paul, MN.

After a number of short films, Crooks started production in August 2012 on his fourth feature film “Dispatched”. He would spend the next year on it. Most recently, Crooks wrote, performed, directed and filmed the hilarious tribute to independent film-making, Indie Guys.