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Our story has a happy ending

Mike Beck, founder and owner, is an award-winning newspaper publisher, editor and reporter who knows what it takes to tell stories that make a big impact. He and the teams that he’s overseen have won dozens of industry and community awards for excellence and service.

Samuel Karow is a video artist based in Wisconsin. A graduate of UW-Milwaukee’s Department of Film, his work has been shown nationally and internationally. Specializing in documentaries, Karow seeks to capture genuine moments that are relatable and impact viewers.

Jarrod Crooks is a Wausau, WI, director and actor who has been filming since he was 12, recreating classic movies and developing his own film stories. A visual storyteller, Crooks has written and produced a number of short and feature-length films.

LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, you guys knocked it out of the park!!

The consensus is – we love it! You have a gift!

I cried again!!!

The video is absolutely fantastic. Phenomenal work. I love it, I love it, I love it.

Thank you so much! The work you did … was amazing and very well-received… It was absolutely perfect!

The verdict is in. Nothing but positive feedback. … Thank you for creating a great story for us to share with our employees!

I think you did a brilliant job.

Thank you so much! The video was amazing and very well received. It was absolutely perfect!

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