There are many ways to tell your stories. Here are just a few.

First person

Father’s influence: Great conversation and expert editing show authentic voice.

Strong narrative

Opportunities, not obstacles: Tight writing, strong narration lead to great story-telling.

The big picture

School is the family: Heartfelt conversations and great images show key themes.

Recruiting focus

Powerful quotes: Still and video images combine with mobile-ready captioning.

Short first person

Offering hope: Connect, understand and empathize in just two minutes.

Multi-source narrative

Jump-starting his career:  Strong narration ties interviews, background and call to action.

Fast-paced faces

Reflecting the team: Upbeat, quick images show unity, impact and diversity.

Recruiting focus

Home at work: Short, meaningful quotes spark social media engagement, interest.


Event coverage

Walk in the woods: Event footage, interviews and stills capture the fun, friendly spirit.

Your goals, message

Joy of small community: Our interviews, editing and stories reflect your goals.

Big impact stories

Clean water for kids: Developing a story over time drives home results in meaningful ways.

Promoting passion

Value of CW SHRM: If you doubt the value of an organization, just ask the members.