Given the demand for workers and the amazing mix of technology, it’s pretty clear companies can and need to do better job positioning themselves to prospective employees. 

Businesses and their workers have so much to be proud of. It’s time to tell their stories.

We understand human resource professionals are overworked. Their marketing counterparts are slammed. That’s particularly true for those at small and mid-sized companies, where these folks often were many hats.

Meanwhile, the need for talent grows.

Author, workforce expert and and talent consultant Ed Gordon describes a global work transformation in his books and presentations.

America needs qualified workers even as 10,000 Baby Boomers retire each day. And while Gordon rightly points out the need for business and education to work together, businesses need to do a better job explaining why anyone — particularly young workers — should work with them.

Doing that requires good content and the right strategic platform.

McDonald’s recently announced that it would use Snapchat to recruit workers

The fast food behemoth will promote a series of short videos of workers talking about the benefits of working at McDonald’s. Click through the ad and viewers taken to the McDonald’s careers website with compelling images, authentic voices that provide a dynamic window into the company, its people and its benefits.

Snapchat may not be the best play for everyone, but a recruiting strategy that does not focus on digital marketing will fall short.

Wisconsin companies as diverse as Mercury Marine  or Kwik Trip  also have developed new ways to tell their stories. Their web sites showcase not just their openings but their culture, their opportunities and the heartfelt voices of their employees. They do that through text, photos and video.

This approach shouldn’t be limited to big corporations with big marketing budgets. To compete, all businesses need to adopt a strategic, this multimedia tactics and tell their great stories.